Overview of this page

Evidence based practice is an important area of discussion for all clinicians. Busy professionals may find that analyzing the evidence available on any one topic can be time consuming.This page will be devoted to recent articles which may or may not be of interest and updated regularly. There will be two components to the page, the literature gem of the month, and the search process. This page is for Alice and all her wonderful ideas.

Literature ‘Gem’


The Search Process

Where is this search going??

This excellent review was the focus of our recent journal club discussion. It is thoughtfully laid out and presents the information in unique and unusual way, such as the ‘red light/green light’ format.

This article will provide all therapists and families with children with special needs interesting discussion points as they search for the best treatment options for each, individual child.

And, consider doing case studies if the option chosen was in the ‘yellow light’ category!