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Overview of this page

Evidence based practice is an important area of discussion for all clinicians. Busy professionals may find that analyzing the evidence available on any one topic can be time consuming.This page will be devoted to recent articles which may or may not be of interest and updated regularly. There will be two components to the page, the literature gem of the month, and the search process. This page is for Alice and all her wonderful ideas.

Literature 'Gem'
The Search Process

Where is this search going??

It's tempting to believe good news. But are there really fewer premature babies in lockdown? We're likely clutching at straws (

This  article highlights an interesting report, that fewer infants were born very prematurely during this past year, in comparison to previous years. Although it is mainly reports observations at this point in time, it would be great if this conversation led to researchers trying to find the cause or causes of what may have happened to influence this. At this point it is just speculation as to cause, but it is such a worthy topic to explore.

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