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What we do

Vickie Meade Therapy Services promotes parent, family and client involvement in screening, intervention and consulting services for infants, children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Vickie Meade is a board-certified clinical specialist (Emeritus) in Pediatric Physical Therapy and owner of Vickie Meade Therapy Services and holds a Doctoral Science Degree and a Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health. Dr. Meade has been teaching courses related to early intervention internationally for over 30 years.


Dr. Meade's special interest has been applying detailed knowledge of how muscles develop, which assists families and services to create the best movement opportunities in spaces where children and adults spend their time. Vickie has been involved in research and teaching; assisting the development of premature infants and helping parents identify their infant who may need extra support. Recent webinars through Therapy BC have illustrated an ongoing interest in screening infants and supporting families across a child’s lifespan.

View owner resume: Dr. Vickie Meade Resume pdf.


Started by Dr. Meade in 1989, Vickie Meade Therapy Services (VMTS) is active in research on early screening and innovative service delivery models for infants, young children and their families. Information on work with families: Read Free Download: Working with Families pdf.




  • Educating professionals on teaming with parents, families and consumers.​

  • Providing training materials for individuals and programs: See Course and webinar programs

  • Developing programs in Infant and early childhood screening: See: Developmental Screening

  • Researching, editing and reviewing the best available evidence to assist with evidence- based practice: see Blog

VMTS currently provides training and consultation in the United States, Canada, Australia and Micronesia.

See Current Course Schedule or download Past Courses pdf.

Owner Dr. Vickie Meade’s special interest is applying detailed knowledge of muscle development to screening at four to six months of age and to ‘family directed’ practice. Her interests have led to a career as an educator and consultant in screening, program development, training and implementation, crossing all disciplines and areas of specialty.

Check Developmental Screening page or get free download: Meade Movement Checklist pdf.

Publications include 'Partners in Movement: A family centered approach to pediatric kinesiology' ‘Handwriting: Anatomy of a Collaborative Assessment/Intervention Model’ and ‘Helping Babies Help Themselves’ (available through ACER press, Australia


See Products page for links to books

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