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I watched this for the first time...will watch again.  But my initial impression is WOW!!  Great concise review of the 'must-have & nasties', great references at the end.  Of course too, the longevity you have with families is really special and I bet unique; plus the documentation, the parent involvement and outcomes at different ages. That length of time is stunning. 

AW, Physiotherapist, St. Paul, Minnesota

I just finished watching this. It was soooo good and has given me lots to think about!! I think I will need to watch it several more times! There’s lots that will be mulling over in my brain in the background. I can't even remember what it was called but that slide with the different images of environments/therapy tasks with and without motion and manipulation is so good for helping think of different intervention activities to keep things interesting and challenging.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that greater appreciation of families and building relationships with them and being interested in what WE will learn from them. It’s always something I have known is important, but I think you have helped me learn HOW to do it and to be less afraid of them. Something you said months ago has really stuck with me; that parents often like to see us problem solving in the session because then it seems less like we are applying the same known solutions to every kid, and more like we are really working with the family and the child where they are and problem solving in the moment. It has made me less afraid to make mistakes and question my ideas during the session!!

AM, Occupational Therapist, Taree, New South Wales, Australia

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